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Rotax 912UL/ULS Coolant-Based Carburetor Heater

US $389.00 + Shipping

This Carburetor heater is suitable for installation on Rotax 912 UL and 912 ULS series engines installed in NON-CERTIFIED aircraft. The fitting of this carb heater may require approval. You should therefore consult with the appropriate aviation governing body in your area before installing a CozyCarb heater to your engine.


When in operation, the CozyCarb adds a small amount of heat to the carburetor body at its downstream end in order to keep the temperature of the carb body above freezing point. The intention is, that any ice formed will not adhere to the carburetor throat. Because the heater block is adjacent to the throttle spindle, some heat is also transferred through the spindle to the butterfly plate. This discourages ice from building up on the butterfly, which with the type of carburetor used, can be a cause of rough running and possible engine stoppage.

Because there is no significant heating of the intake air when hot coolant is circulating through the CozyCarb heating blocks, there will be negligible loss of full engine power. We encourage that the CozyCarb system be left permanently operating. This has no negative effect and means that you will never forget to turn it on.


Extensive testing of the system has been carried out in adverse winter conditions. It has been demonstrated that the system will prevent the formation of ice. The system has not been tested under all possible conditions that may prevail and therefore its effectiveness cannot be guaranteed in all circumstances. Aircraft equipped with this device should always be flown in circumstances where a successful ‘power off’ landing can be made in the event of engine failure.

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